Time Flies

Take 52 Week #47: Fleeting This time last year, I wrote about my favourite holiday tradition, the Festival of Trees. A few days ago, I managed to convince my teenagers that it was still… Continue reading

Clear As Mud

Take 52 Week #46: Mud Obviously, the people planning these photo themes do not live in the Canadian tundra in November.  Mud? That’s so last month. In an odd twist of weirdness, we haven’t… Continue reading

Warm Fuzzy

Take 52 Week #45: Fuzzy As soon as Halloween is over, my kids start begging. I don’t give in until after Remembrance Day, but it’s a tradition that hasn’t been outgrown – Christmas bedding.… Continue reading

Victory Remembered

Take 52 Week #44: Victory This Remembrance Day weekend, my husband has around his neck our beloved Grandpa Brown’s WWII dog tag. We are thankful for the victory of this precious man and his… Continue reading

My Happy Place

Take 52 Week #43: Happy It’s the weekend. It’s dark outside, it’s warm inside. My teenagers are headed the direction of their rooms for the night, and I’m headed the direction of my couch.… Continue reading

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

Take 52 Week #42: Animal For all the times I’ve slacked off and squeaked in a photo under the wire, I made up for it this week. Psychologically and photographically. I wondered for several… Continue reading

Cultivating the Beautiful

Take 52 Week #41: Cultivate One of the students in our class has been in the hospital. So our classroom teacher and I talked about what our class could do to make her smile.… Continue reading

Pain and Agony

Take 52 Week #40: Hurt This week I was stumped. It’s difficult to find subject-matter when it’s the week before Thanksgiving, and the general rule is you try to dwell on the things you’re… Continue reading

Fashion Statement

Take 52 Week #39: Fashionable Yesterday, I was a parent chaperone on my son’s heritage park field trip. I was visiting with one unfortunate young lady who had a soccer mishap a week ago,… Continue reading

Rise and Shine

Take 52 Week #38: Shine Sometimes the level of luck involved in photography is astounding. Today, I carved out some time to take photos. I had in my head what I wanted – a… Continue reading