Don’t Drink the Water

Take 52 Week #28: Water Don’t let this serene scene fool you. It’s as pretty as a postcard here at sunset, but when this was taken Monday night, there was an e-coli advisory on… Continue reading

Three Cheers for Three

Take 52 Week #27: Trio One of the wonderful families in my class this year, gave me a gorgeous succulent as a parting gift. I have tried my hand before at succulents and found… Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence

Take 52 Week #26: Artificial Maybe it’s the pace of my life this past year, but I have been on summer vacation for five days and it has been even more delicious than usual.… Continue reading

Bend it Like Beckham

Take 52 Week #25: Bendy (Yes, Again) I know, I already did one this week. But in my haste and desperation in a ridiculously busy week, I did a knee-jerk post, a rush job… Continue reading

Bent Out Of Shape

Take 52 Week #25: Bendy Get ready for lacklustre: I’m unashamedly ‘mailing it in’ this week. It’s the last week of my school contract, in one of the busiest years in memory. So I… Continue reading

5 Bells

Take 52 Week #24: 5 o’clock It’s 5:04 p.m. I should be thinking about feeding my off-spring. Instead, I’m hovered over a vase, attempting to photograph this bizarre flower on my kitchen table. The… Continue reading

Warts and All

Take 52 Week #23: Selfie I knew a self-portrait likely had to come in one form or another. There is a reason why I prefer being on this end of the camera. Breathe, Christy.… Continue reading

Critical Thinking

At the end of each week in the Take 52 Photo Challenge, the organizer, Ingrid, selects one photo to critique and discuss. To my delight, my photo from last week was chosen for a… Continue reading

Burst of Inspiration

Take 52 Week #22: Inspired Maybe it was the sunshine. Heaven knows the winter dragged on extraordinarily long this year. I like the pink on my nose and bursting from my flower pots these days… Continue reading

Without Glory

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, this will be a diversion from my usual material. Last summer, I wrote about a favourite film for the Barbara Stanwyck blogathon. Since that review, I’ve… Continue reading