Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

Take 52 Week #42: Animal For all the times I’ve slacked off and squeaked in a photo under the wire, I made up for it this week. Psychologically and photographically. I wondered for several… Continue reading

Cultivating the Beautiful

Take 52 Week #41: Cultivate One of the students in our class has been in the hospital. So our classroom teacher and I talked about what our class could do to make her smile.… Continue reading

Pain and Agony

Take 52 Week #40: Hurt This week I was stumped. It’s difficult to find subject-matter when it’s the week before Thanksgiving, and the general rule is you try to dwell on the things you’re… Continue reading

Fashion Statement

Take 52 Week #39: Fashionable Yesterday, I was a parent chaperone on my son’s heritage park field trip. I was visiting with one unfortunate young lady who had a soccer mishap a week ago,… Continue reading

Rise and Shine

Take 52 Week #38: Shine Sometimes the level of luck involved in photography is astounding. Today, I carved out some time to take photos. I had in my head what I wanted – a… Continue reading

A Slight Detour

Take 52 Week #37: Slight I may have taken a slightly alternate route home from the city today.  I sipped a latté and shared a mocha scone with my buddy Michelle at City Perks.… Continue reading

Change of Plans

Take 52 Week #36: Crushed My plan was an afternoon 5 Km run. Solitude, sunshine, my coveted ‘me’ time. Reality, however, turned out to be  a 2.75 km jaunt hauling a stack of newspapers… Continue reading

Expect the Unexpected

Take 52 Week #35: Unexpected I should have expected it. The first week back at school and, of course, I hit the ground running. My son started at a new school and I began… Continue reading

Tricks of the Trade

Take 52 Week #34: Tricky It was 6:30 a.m. The birds have been up for hours and this late in the summer, I have usually settled into a delicious sleep-in routine. But yesterday morning I… Continue reading

With Affection

Take 52 Week #33: Affection The jar was slippery with condensation and chilly out of the fridge. It was sealed well. So well that I had to get my son to come and un-screw… Continue reading