Tricks of the Trade

Take 52 Week #34: Tricky It was 6:30 a.m. The birds have been up for hours and this late in the summer, I have usually settled into a delicious sleep-in routine. But yesterday morning I… Continue reading

With Affection

Take 52 Week #33: Affection The jar was slippery with condensation and chilly out of the fridge. It was sealed well. So well that I had to get my son to come and un-screw… Continue reading

Sky High

Take 52 Week #32: High This spring, my son and I started hiking together. It happened rather by accident. Our family took a trip to Canmore and the other two members of our tribe… Continue reading

Crystal Clear

Take 52 Week #31: Clear It’s an ordinary downtown street. Nondescript little store fronts, dated brick facades. An insurance company, Burmese food, a soccer supply store. Sticking out like a sore thumb is a… Continue reading

Road Trip North

Take 52 Week #30: Drive I don’t usually drive north. I almost always drive south, toward the city. It’s where we buy groceries, where my parents live, where Colin works. Pretty much everything we… Continue reading

A Bright Idea

Take 52 Week #29: Bright What do you do when the theme “bright” shows up on a week of cloud and rain? You make a plan B. My youngest and I had some time… Continue reading

Don’t Drink the Water

Take 52 Week #28: Water Don’t let this serene scene fool you. It’s as pretty as a postcard here at sunset, but when this was taken Monday night, there was an e-coli advisory on… Continue reading

Three Cheers for Three

Take 52 Week #27: Trio One of the wonderful families in my class this year, gave me a gorgeous succulent as a parting gift. I have tried my hand before at succulents and found… Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence

Take 52 Week #26: Artificial Maybe it’s the pace of my life this past year, but I have been on summer vacation for five days and it has been even more delicious than usual.… Continue reading

Bend it Like Beckham

Take 52 Week #25: Bendy (Yes, Again) I know, I already did one this week. But in my haste and desperation in a ridiculously busy week, I did a knee-jerk post, a rush job… Continue reading