Disney Classic

Take 52 Week #15: Classic Since February, I have barely seen my 13 year old. After school, noon hour and several early mornings, he has disappeared out the door. And on Thursdays, he drops… Continue reading

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

Take 52 Week #14: Peephole I’m sure an irritated, audible sigh escaped my lips when I read this week’s obscure theme. But this morning, when our Pre-K’s were playing “Cat and Mouse” with the… Continue reading

Delicate Dance

Take 52 Week #13: Delicate Most days, when I’m up for a cup of coffee… Ahem. Let’s try that again. Every day, when I’m up for a cup of coffee, I use my aeropress.… Continue reading

She Shoots, She Scores

Take 52 Week #12: Score The theme for this week was a groaner for a girl with no sports freaks in her house – we’re a musical bunch in this family. But luckily, after… Continue reading

Lucky Thirteen

Take 52 Week #11: Un-lucky I have a friend who entered my life several years ago, when our boys met in elementary school. Her house is mere metres from mine and in 2010, in… Continue reading

Leading Lines

Take 52 Week #10: Angle In my desperation to avoid being stereo-typed as an arctic-dwelling eskimo, I have avoided landscapes like the plague in the challenge this year. Last year was an utterly ridiculous… Continue reading

And Now For Something Completely Different

For those of you who follow me regularly with the Take 52 Photo Challenge, this blog will come out of left field. This is not even remotely close to my regular content, but I will… Continue reading

Our Roots Remain

Take 52 Week #9: Roots Like branches on a tree, family grows in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. ~Unknown Inspired by another photo challenger’s picture a few weeks ago of her… Continue reading

Disco Ball

Take 52 Week #8: Blue After reading this week’s theme, I kept my eyes open for blue things but nothing tickled my proverbial photographic fancy.  And then I remembered a toy in our classroom.… Continue reading

Cherished Perspective

Take 52 Week #7: Cherish This week is our school division’s winter break, and all 4 of us have had the week off. So my week has been filled with time with extended family,… Continue reading