Sense of Wonder

Take 52 Week #51: Wonder

There are so many reasons why I love working with preschoolers. Impromptu fun is one of them.

Today, after more than a week of bitter cold and “red” recesses, we had above average temperatures. So we headed outside to “make hay” while the sun quite literally shone. The sun was bright, the clouds were rippled and beautiful. On my way up the hill, I grabbed my iPhone camera and took a quick shot.

IMG_0514 - Version 2

As I screamed down the hill on a crazy carpet with a three-year-old in my arms, I wondered how I got lucky enough to spend my days this way. When it was time to go inside, a chorus of “Aaaaaaaw, not yet!” rung out. We all headed back inside with red cheeks and big grins.

I love the people in this picture. I love the yellow orb and the textured clouds and silhouettes. And I love that my job lets me get paid to go sledding in the sunshine.

Picture Stats:

Shutter: 1/2700
Aperture: f/ 2.4
ISO: 50

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