Just Another Day at the Office

Take 52 Week #3: Routine

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how much I love working in Pre-K. (Ok, a little here. Oh and here, here, here and here. What was your point)?

One of the things that I treasure about my day is scheduled play time.

I don’t naturally play. I was born in a rush and old habits die hard. But my little friends are so creative and funny and they amaze me with their imagination.

Today one little boy was pretending to be a police dog, panting and running around giving post-it note “tickets” to his classmates. When he accidentally bumped one little girl’s mobility walker, he came and asked me “Mrs Z, how do you spell sorry”? He lovingly wrote his apology and her name and drew a picture and stuck it to her walker. That led to a whole group of boys making pictures with hearts and sticking them all over the frame. Every day I learn more about the value of play, and the way children learn such huge lessons in that unstructured time. I might be an adult, but they teach me.

IMG_8394 - Version 2

I wanted the guy in the mask in focus in this shot – he is the favourite of most of the boys in my class and the times I’ve played Lego, there was mad digging through the basket to find him. In the left background of the shot, one little girl’s polka dot shirt created that wild bokeh.

So this is my routine – play. In a world that implies playing is a waste of time and strictly limits it to childhood, I am so thankful it is in my job description.

Picture Stats:

Shutter: 1/30
Aperture: 4.5
ISO: 1000

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