Warts and All

Take 52 Week #23: Selfie

I knew a self-portrait likely had to come in one form or another. There is a reason why I prefer being on this end of the camera. Breathe, Christy.  I got through it last year, so I can do it again. Here is to biting the proverbial bullet.

IMG_0610 - Version 2

It wasn’t without a certain amount of awkwardness- selfies are for my teenaged daughter, not for me. But I got one I can live with.

What I liked about this one is, besides reflecting myself in the mirror, I inadvertently managed to represent some of my passions as well. The lens of my camera in the left corner of the mirror for this photography muse I have going. Travel as reflected in the map on the wall behind me. And the black and white as a nod to my love of old movies.

Me. Warts and all.

Shutter: 1/25

Aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 1600
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