Artificial Intelligence

Take 52 Week #26: Artificial

Maybe it’s the pace of my life this past year, but I have been on summer vacation for five days and it has been even more delicious than usual.

In this case, quite literally.

We’ve established before, the superior cook in this house is my better half. But this Canada Day, the boys were out long-boarding, my daughter was at a movie with a friend, I finished my run and had a hankering for something fresh that tastes like summer. I grilled up a little greek chicken, sliced up some baby tomatoes and jalapeño havarti, threw in some spinach leaves and topped it off with a little Lemon Ginger Sesame vinaigrette. Delicious, not often an adjective that accompanies my cooking. A little watermelon for dessert and it’s a crisp meal with fresh, raw, zesty ingredients that we here in Canada simply crave in mid-February.

IMG_0927 - Version 2

I framed this one so the tomatoes were the focus. No offence to the other salad additives here, but their colour and texture were so pretty.  I love the little circle of seeds right in the centre. Eating a sweet tomato always reminds me of eating them on baguettes on our balcony in Nice last summer. When I bite into a ripe tomato, I can feel the heat on the clay tiles and hear the bustle of the street below me. The seagulls are calling out to the waves just a moment’s walk away. My feet are touching my husband’s under the table and not a word is said, because that moment needs no words.

A moment of savoury, wholesome bliss, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Shutter: 1/60
Aperture: f/4.5
ISO: 800

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